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Welcome to ProSkateGoal. We are passionate about the position of goaltending just like you are. We provide the expertise you need to take your game to the next level. Whether you’re a budding NHL star or a minor hockey plug, we are dedicated to providing you with the same quality, honest advice you deserve. At ProSkateGoal, we speak goalie.

Premier Pro Goal Pads

The first pad to introduce an injection moulded foam core has stepped up the game once again with the inception of the CCM Premier series. Designed to maximize coverage and play big, the new exceptionally thin profile is lighter than its predecessor and provides a deep channel fit. 

To maximize performance and optimize leg rotation while in butterfly and reverse VH, they’ve redesigned the pro leg strap set-up and made the padding in the leg channel lighter.

In combination with a thinner outside profile, CCM has allowed a deeper knee stance by removing the air pillow between the knee and back of the pad. This allows the pad to sit closer to the knee and thigh, further allowing the goaltender to better seal their five hole aiding in more coverage. What does all this mean? The best Premier Series pad ever built.

1S Goal Pads

Want to wear Hank’s pads? They’ve arrived. Bauer has brought you The 1S OD1N pad and it is packed with new tech that changes how pads are built.

The 1S OD1N features C.O.R.TECH Skin technology which stands for Coefficient of Restitution Technology. Bauer has engineered a skin comprised of Cross linked Polyethylene foam, with Curv Composite additives, lycra-spandex, poly-urethane, digital printed graphics and clear coat to seal it all in. What does this mean? The result is a more active pad which kicks out rebounds further than before and sliding speed is dramatically increased.

A new Custom Rotation Strapping System allows for full Velcro strapping and adjustments for an extremely personal fit. This addition of the removable outer knee lock will give goalies the option to keep their pad snug across the knee, or angled down to the calf for a wide open feel. The pad features a revamped Curv Composite Supreme Knee guard that attaches directly to the knee.

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Bauer 1S. The first ever cowlingless goal skate.

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