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CCM Extreme Flex 4

The much anticipated CCM Extreme Flex 4 has finally arrived. As seen on NHL goaltenders such as Carey Price and Pekka Rinne the new E-Flex brings massive changes to the already mega popular line. CCMs DUAL1ITE core is a prominent new feature in this years E-Flex. The new pad core brings in the E-Flex 4 at 4.7 lbs, and 15% lighter than the E-Flex 3. The DUAL1ITE core does not only cut back on a significant amount of weight it also allows for a better torsional rotation of the pad and an improved ice seal. Similar to the PREMIER 2 the  E-Flex 4 comes stock with CCM’s quick motion strapping. CCM has eliminated all traditional leather strapping and replaced it with a responsive Velcro system that allows for faster velocity when dropping into the butterfly and quicker on ice recovery. Paired with the quick motion strapping on the E-Flex 4 is the ever more popular bungee toe tie system. The bungee system is quicker and more effective than traditional skate lace, allowing for greater pad stability and range of motion in he goaltenders foot. Not only is this CCMs lightest and most effective E-Flex pad yet but it is also their more comfortable with the addition of molded calf protectors and knee stack material the E-flex 4 provides a solid wrap around the goaltenders leg.

Glove & Blocker

The E-flex 4 glove and blocker keep your hands protected with D3O impact protection featured in the palm of the catcher and in the index finger on the blocker. D3O is an industry leader in protection and shock absorption saving you from stingers in the palm and fingers. The Catcher is a one piece cuff 600 break glove that goalies all over the world at every level have known and loved. The stock E-flex 4 catching glove comes with a double T pocket for increased visibility when tracking the puck. New to the blocker this year is the quick release wrist strap previously seen on Carey Price spec blockers, this strap allows for quick adjustment and optimized comfort. Both gloves are wrapped  in CCMs speedskin to keep them light and durable.


Some goalies have found the transition from foamcore to composite sticks difficult, that problem is now solved with CCMs Extreme Flex 4 stick. The E-Flex 4 composite stick offers a softer flex profile than the PREMIER line making it feel more like a foam core stick when playing the puck. While being softer the F-flex stick still offers the great benefits composite sticks do. The E-flex weighs only 685g which is lighter even than the PREMIER 2 that comes in at 730g. Not only is the E-flex 4 light but it is also durable, it comes with a SigmaTex construction to make sure it is of the highest performance and durability. When custom ordering E-flex 4 sticks CCM will not allow you to choose from multiple paddle colour options as well as their wide variety of decal and colour options so that your sticks can look exactly the way you want them to.